Customer Reviews and Reputation Management

Customer Review & Reputation Management is online monitoring of social media sites, review and negative comment management, crisis response, brand preservation, positive reputation management, and help drive public opinion about your business obtaining and keeping those 5-Star reviews flowing in. The state of your online reputation directly affects how prospective customers view your business and who they decide to call first when searching for your product or service.

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Case Studies

Reproductions Inc.

(Print Company)

16 Reviews in 24 hours, 64 in the first month


16 5-star reviews in 24 hours
64 5-star reviews in the first month
They were in business for 73 years and only had 41 reviews…in 3 months we’ve moved them to 176 total!

Bauser’s Pet Training

(Dog Training Company)

Started with less than 25 reviews between 3 sites. Now has more than 100 reviews in less than 2 years.
We received a huge influx of reviews as soon as she was able to reopen her studio after pandemic restrictions were lifted.