Where has the Art of Communication gone?

I read a great little quote from the other day.

“A little communication goes a long way. If you’re busy, say it. If you’re upset, express it. If you’re running late, let people know. If you don’t want to do something, be straightforward. If you’re unsure, ask. It’s so simples but so important.”

Recently, well really over the last 7 months, I have sent out more than 125 resumes and completed countless numbers of applications, responded to ads online, on job boards, even went to my first virtual job fair. In that time I’ve applied to jobs that I’m overqualified for and under qualified for. I’ve applied to jobs outside of my current filed and jobs in my previous field where i hold a BS in Geology. Out of all of that effort I’ve had two…2, that’s right 2 interviews. One provided feedback as to why I was not moving forward in the hiring process as I didn’t have enough experience with managing people. The other I have not heard back from and I likely won’t.

One particular time recently where I spent the better part of three hours with a Director, an Executive VP and one of the Co-Founders of a company only to receive the generic rejection letter that didn’t even make it into my inbox. I happened to see it in another space in my email where promotional emails go. How difficult is it to reach out directly to someone that comes in and spends that amount of time with such high-level people within the company? Certainly not that much.

Where has the ability to communicate properly gone to? I know that’s subjective to even state it that way but seriously. Why have we allowed communication to other human beings become a flippant side thought? Are we really that scared of communicating our thoughts or more afraid of dealing with what will come of the thoughts as they are expressed?

We have more ways than ever before on this planet to communicate with people and yet we have found the least possible method to actually do that. Choosing the least effective path doesn’t do anything in making us better as a society or as people. If there is something that needs to be communicating then do it. Say it! Speak it! Let it out.

Now that doesn’t mean that you get to say what ever is on your mind at the wrong time or say something that will cause harm to another. There are times where things are left better unsaid.

But for goodness sakes…when dealing in a professional, business situation things such as returning an email, reaching out in a personally after an interview…it’s not that hard and there is a level of expectation. And we should not have to lower our expectations to a point where we feel that applying for jobs and sending out resumes seems like throwing time into a black hole. Or that our resumes are being sent to an unattended broom closet in the basement.

Make the effort to communicate better and maybe just once, surpass the expectations of someone you are dealing with via work as a manager, prospective employer or employee and take that extra step to communicate. You may find that this simple act of kindness can have a larger lasting impact than you think it will.

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